Nila, Through My Eyes

    By: Mike W. Sullivan

    There is a song, I believe by Dolly Pardon, that states that Love Is Like A Butterfly. In many ways this is true of my love, Nila. Born to poor beginnings, growing up in, by American standards, the worst of circumstances, blossomed into the most beautiful , both physical and spiritual, creature, not unlike a butterfly. When she walks into a room, the whole room stops and stares. When she whispers my name, chills spread throughout by body, and mind, as if  hearing angels speak. Just as the butterfly floats on the air, oblivious to the dangers around it, so is the spirit of my love.

    One can only imagine why God created such a beautiful being and has been purposed her to be mine. It still, to this day, astounds me that she wants only me. I pinch myself each day to make sure that I am not dreaming. By the way, if I am, PLEASE don’t wake me. I have waited a lifetime for someone to love me, not for what they think I should be, or what I can give them, but just for me, like I am, faults and all. Nila loves me unconditionally, although for the life of me, I can’t figure out why.  I am sure she will tell you our story in another blog post, but it at times, wasn’t the perfect courtship, by any means.

     I, though not intentionally, put her through immence pain, many nights of tears, and 10 years of heartbreak. Through it all, for some reason, she has loved me still. She is like the rock foundation which our love is anchored. Holding steadfast the ship that is our love, so as not to drift away, get lost in a worldly fog, or sink the the bottom of despair. Through my eyes, she holds my heart, our love, and my happiness in the palm of her hand. And to be honest, I wouldn’t want it anywhere else. She is my cheer in sorrow, my comfort in pain, and like bread when I am hungry, she, and her love, will sustain me.

     Well, there you have it. That is Nila through my eyes. May God bless all who read this. As a little passing advise…… Cling to what is right, and God will find a way to bring to you one who is worthy of your love. After all, it took several marriages, mostly because I am hard headed, and 53 years for me to allow God to bring Nila’s love my way, but it has happened, even despite my bucking the system for the last 11 years. Let God do the choosing for you and the end resulting love will last forever. Believe me,, E-Harmony, and any others you can think of, ain’t got nothing on God’s match making skills.

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