Never Ask Diamond Nor Gold

Surely you heard the song,”Billionaire” by Mars Bruno. In the Philippines, it is very popular and everyone loves it, even me. The beat is good though there are words which inappropriate to listen, especially with the kids. It says how being a billionaire can do in human’s life. But what I like this rap song is that, it is easy to hum or easy to remember.

Every time I sing the first line that says, “I wanna be a billionaire”, my husband will say, “Too bad you already married on me.” and we just laugh together. I told him many times that I don’t want to be rich. It is enough for me that we will be together in many years, with God as the head of our family. We just really want a simple life together. We both knew that.

One day when the tornado hit Arkansas, he asked me about what shall I do, if this kind of disaster hit his house. My response was that, I want you to be alive when that tornado comes to our home. Tornado can take anything we had, anything and everything but not you. Its only materials and we can have it again with God’s grace and mercy. The end of the materials is not the end of our lives. He smiled at me, and says how much he loves me, and I told him he is more than anything to me. I added to our conversation about, “All things work together for good (Romans 8:28).” Besides, I used to have a very simple life. Using firewood for cooking, laying down in a hard floor and using kerosene lamp at night. All my concern is him. He never experience the life I had. Its my husband who changed my way of living, though I keep my feet on the ground.

Sometimes, he shared with me his worries about the government shut down in the US. He ask my opinion what to do, and I told him that I will cry in front of the VA to keep his medicine, and I will work hard for us. If we can have Mayah Wren, that’s the name that we are preparing for a daughter if we can have, Mayah Wren Sullivan (MWS). We agreed that he’s the one to watch her, while I am at work. And I will just ready anything she and him needed. Marcus William Sullivan (MWS) our other son can also help him to watch the baby. That was so funny, we already talked about any possibility, but never about his going home with God.

Mike Wayne Sullivan (MWS), a man with honor, and with humble spirit. He always ask me what I want, but I always answer him nothing, but him to be by my side. I never asked him diamond nor gold, but knowing my husband, he is always providing any thing he thought I needed. He always surprise me, by buying something, I never ask. He even asked my friends to check what I needed, because I never told him what it is. He only want the best for me, no matter how hard maybe for him to do. There is no other man like him anymore.

If God give me a chance to choose between richness, or citizenship or my husband. God knew that I will choose my husband. That’s why there is no option given because His plan is to finally bring my husband home, and make him happy forever. Yeah, we are happy together but problems are still there bothering us.

I never ask diamond nor gold, but my husband gave that to me, before I know I have it already. He is a good provider. He always see to it that his loved ones has everything to eat, to use and all. He never been selfish, because he always thought the best for everyone he loves.

My Love, I could never found an exact word to say who you are, and what I am to you. But as always, You are the man that I will treasure in my heart forever. You’re the best father, husband and a friend.

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