Butterfly Kisses

While everyone is trying to learn what a butterfly kisses really meant, yet in my personal opinion this phrase describes about an overwhelming feelings of love and happiness. For me this term states that something wonderfully happened in the life of a person. For the others it could have a literal meaning, which is by putting an eyelashes to a person’s cheek and flutter it. It is also a song title written by Bob Carlisle that he dedicated to her daughter.

However, one or the other, this words butterfly kisses is a hyperbole that I usually used when my husband and I feel happy for a certain thing, especially after we knew that we could have our butterfly, Mayah Wren. There is no exact word to describe how happy we were, but just saying, “what a butterfly kisses.”

This certain figure of speech is such an exaggeration of our feelings in our life together. Since the day that we backed together there was always a fluttering feelings inside us that running up and down in our being. There such a wonderful feelings when we are together, and that it seems there is no more problem to come. Butterfly kisses is the same when someone said, “I am in the cloud nine.”

During those days that we were side by side; laughing and smiling are always in the atmosphere in our own small world. Every word or action that we done was already a big thing for us to be happy. Imitating the TV ads for me, or acting like someone else while me too riding to his game in our private place. I am amazed on him acted like one in the rexona body spray ads. He sprayed his body, and looked up to heaven waiting for an angel falling down. And that was me fell on bed acted like a fairy or angel who had been mesmerized to the rexona scent. What a butterfly kisses.

By the time that we knew I conceived Mayah Wren, we don’t able to stop ourselves to cry, not because we are sad. But it was because we are overly happy with the gift we got from our good Lord. Mike was more than excited, and that he bought Mayah an earring with her birthstone. We talked about her on how she would be looked like. Mike wants her to have a resemblance on me, but me wants her to be me and him. A mixed of Mike and Nila.

Lots of instances that we always feel the butterfly kisses in our heart. Every second of our lives that passed by, seems to us a year already of important memories that we can treasure. We never give a chance any bad mood to ruin our joy. Our love for each other was always giving us an atmosphere with different kinds of butterflies in the air.

How Joy Counterparts Pain

I never thought any pain after the happiness that my husband and I felt every moment of our lives. But we lost Mayah Wren after two months. That was horrible for me. I felt hopeless for another Mayah to come in our lives, not knowing why I feel that way. Yet, here’s my husband, a cheerful person tried to make me smile and said, “Let’s keep practicing. We can still have more fun.” Mike is the joy of my heart. My inspiration, cheerer, an angel and a bestfriend whom God gave to me. And I said, “Well, yeah in His will.”

Holding on to the hopes that my husband gave me, I was always excited for every thing to come in our lives. Yet, if how much the joy I felt like in a pedestal is the same amount of pain I got, when another pain struck to our lives. My best friend went home with God. There is no more butterfly kisses to feel without them in my life. My butterfly kisses are gone.
Now, I understand why I was so sad when I lost Mayah Wren. However, God knows the best. Whatever His reason why He took Mayah first before her father, I don’t want to question anything. For sure, its all for my sake. With the situation I got right now, or maybe next time. I can never tell.

There are lots of beautiful memories that Mike and I had together. They are the butterfly kisses that I will treasure in my heart forever. I maybe physically alone, but in my heart they are just right there looking at me. Picturing beyond the horizon, I can see Mayah and her father playing together in heaven. They are walking hand in hand just waiting for me in the place, which Jesus prepares for His Children. And that gives me a butterfly kisses.

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