Marijuana- Recreational Drug Leads To Mental Illness

Marijuana is one of the most common drug elements in the world. The scientific name of this plant that also known as weed or pot is Cannabis Sativa. It contents a psychoactive chemical compound that called as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or delta -9, which primarily affects the specific part of the brain, where the memories are stored. Accordingly, there are more than 66 substances that can be found in this plant, but THC is highly present, the one that makes a great damage to human brain, and makes a person high.

During the ancient time, Marijuana had been used for religious ritual activities for Chinese beliefs, and even for medicinal purposes. As the matter of facts, there are medical studies mentioned that the weeds are useful for treatment on some illnesses such as; glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, AIDS, arthritis and other health problems. However, like some of the other drugs, marijuana was also been misuse and become addicting to some people, especially to those who are emotionally disturb.

The effects of Cannabis Sativa: Positive and Negative

There is saying that anything that is too much is dangerous. This is very true when someone misuse and over use the weed or the marijuana thing. As an herbal plant, marijuana should be used according to the illness that needs to be treated, with the exact amount, and even the length of time that it needs to be accumulated, should be observed. It is also known that marijuana is been considered as effective herbal medicine used for treatment. But why it became an enemy to some parents whom the kids are addicted to Marijuana?

Based on the study done in Costa Rica, Marijuana with THC chemical compound, specifically damage the nerve cell of the brain. “ 1 THC affects the nerve cells in the part of the brain where memories are formed. This makes it hard for the user to recall recent events (such as what happened a few minutes ago). It is hard to learn while high – a working short-term memory is required for learning and performing tasks that call for more than one or two steps.’ The study presented the result on how Delta-9 affects the memories of the subject.

When some users said that it gives them a good feelings, when they were under the influence of marijuana; one of the users however mentioned that, those feelings were just a delusion. The user mentioned all the good moods he experienced when he was with it, but added that all of those were just in the mind, and effect or trick of the chemical substance from the weed, that is the delta-9. The pot made this user imagined things that aggreviated him and eventually changed his behavior.

The marijuana totally affected the brain cell of the user while in high. Though it enhances their emotion stability such as making the users more active, and in tune to rock musics, or even sometimes perfected their appetite. Yet, it will make them loss their self-confidence, security for some reasons, and even loss of memories. Thus, enough reason why marijuana is become the enemy of parents and to the health group advocates, for it obviously cause mental illness of memory loss and psychological imbalance.

There are lots of studies already presented about the negative effects of marijuana to human mentality and behavior. However, there are still millions of marijuana users all over the world, who continually use the weeds as recreational, and or an outlet of emotional disturb release. Without stopping of using this kind of drugs, and without a proper psychological treatment, the marijuana users could be experiencing difficulties, in overcoming their craving to use of the weed.
Marijuana is just the same to the other kinds of drug elements. All of them have had specific purposes in health related matter. It has a purpose to heal and relieve pain to ill suffering patient. However, it must be correctly use, and properly medically administered. Otherwise, addiction from using marijuana would be started, and would certainly hinders its purposes for treatment. Aside from its sweet smelly smoke, marijuana can certainly damage the brain nerve cells, which can cause mental illness and loss of self-confidence or cause insecurities. Many over comers been testified how this drug totally affected their personality. There are lots of studies presented about the negative effects of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a chemical substance found in marijuana already, however there are still millions of users around the world, who are blinds in its effect. Anyhow, many unspoken reasons also why, those marijuana users almost cant resists their addiction to this kind of grass. Moreover, whatever their valid reason must be, using of this drug is still unhealthy, illegal and should be stopped.



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