Our Journey, Our Destiny, Our Love

“Cause I believe our Love is stronger than death.”, you maybe not with me physically, for you are now with God, but in my heart, you will be forever with me. A full of life, and happiness since God reconnected our heart and mind, which ended up to our wedding day. June 19, 2010.

Every woman dreams to be in the arms of a man she always day dream about. Even whisper it to the sky, to the moon, ocean and or to the countless number of stars in the sky. Nonetheless, she whispers it to the Creator of the wonders of the earth. It’s a dream that God will be willingly granted to any hoping woman, in His perfect time.

It was in 1999, when God closed one chapter of my life, and open the door for me to walk into your life. Maybe, in moral standard, it wasn’t a proper way to meet you. However, God can do anything just to fulfill, His plan for us.

Our love was been tested for a decade. You had chosen another way. Carried by a strong current of water, drifted to other side, opposite on me. Far away from me. But many waters cannot quench love. Neither floods drown it. I remain to the place , where you left me, until the day that God brought you back for me. I was still there, where you found me. Standing at the edge of the river, with eyes focus in the deep blue water, waited for a while, till the day,when our hearts hold each other again. Till the day that God made the water rolled back, just to bring you again in my life, no matter what, in any way. Cause love conquers all.

In that day, where the sun shines brightly, and gave us the deep blue sky, which lighted up the earth, to reveal the happiest moment of our life. The day when our lips kissed sweetly, and our hands intertwined endlessly that we said, “I do,”‘before the face of the earth, before the people of my country, and especially before God. We became one. Your breath is my breath. Your mind is my mind.

The fullness of our dream is the reason why, since the day you choose to be with God for good, I survive every day that passes by in my life. Against all the odds that I encountered, I only left up my eyes to our Creator, with the silent tears inside me, I said, “I will survive until the day that God will bring us together again.” Yes, you cannot come back to me again anymore, but in His time, I can come to you.

My life been shattered, same with the dreams we built up. But what these things about? People became mean, world showed inequality and other kinds of bitterness towards me. Sometimes, I asked myself on how can they, treated me like these. I am only a woman, weeping for sorrow, and falling apart because of the broken heart. But I will survive,the thing that you want me to do. The thing that God wanted me to do.

Now, I am shield with the hands of God, which showed like a wing of an eagle. His wing will never let me down. God know, how it would be like, when you live alone, in the midst of the crowd, with broken dreams, with a body which seems like whole, but already torn into pieces? But I will survive, with the courage given by our love.

Every time, when I made a first step for a day, I think about you. I recalled our moment together, our sounding laughs, our make believe games,,and everything we did. How wonderful those days for us, cause we never had a dull moment of life. Every day of our lives was a feast of our love.

Our life together has never stopped, because with the kind of love we have, is powerful than the power of forgetfulness, even the power of death can never depart our wonderful memories that we’ve shared. It was once upon a time. It is once in a life time. I love you Forever.


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