When His Eyes Set On Me

Jack, with his flower for me, wink!

That was the most unforgettable day in my life, when I met him, because from that moment, the story about me has been changed. Opening another chapter of my life. The people, the environment and the interaction of life, love, and anything that revolves in my life, became different. It was scary in the first time. Things to me seems uncertain, which made me so afraid to trust, to believe and even to mark footprint to this new place. Yet, here is a very special one, which said hello to me, with his most welcoming smile. He got blue eyes, though looked so freaky, but with his angelic face, and his unconditional love for me? Such, a comforting in my heart.

That was the time when I met Jack. I always could remember, when we sat outside the patio of Mr and Mrs Natonski. Gail and Mat, my in- laws, Mrs. Jacque and Mr. Mike Natonski and I, with 7 dogs would I remember; and I think their son, Alex was there too. That was emotionally sickening inside me. My stomach lurched, while my heart made me felt like, it gonna be erupted out of my skin. However, it seems Jack knew my feelings that he approached to me, wanting to be picked up, and cuddled in my lap. I never did it because I never feel like it. Chose to be alone in my mind, and in a deepest thought.

Many are saying, “dog is man’s befriend.” Dogs are lovely? But it never occurs to my mind that, it does really comforting when you have one, licking your legs or your face, as their means of expressing their love for a man. Jack does lots of affectionate gestures towards me. He did licked my face when I cried, and looking at me, when he felt like, I am in my down mood. When I cried one time, he just stayed by my side. He never leave me, especially when he feels. I need company and or comfort. He is so adorable. I like watching him, when he’s tossing his ball with his front leg, and chase it, as if he is playing soccer. Or running after the ball, when it is thrown away.

Jack loves to bark a lot, especially when he saw a stranger, obviously. He never stop barking until a man will be nowhere for him to see. Reason that, I never be happy every Friday. Wondering why? Because it is the day where the cleaning personnel of the homeowners, will come to cut grasses, or blow dried leaves. Man, his agitation to these people are far beyond that it is, difficult for him to stop from barking. He! He!

During our intimate moment, Jack sleeps with me every night. And guess what? He already knew the routine of my daily activities. Morning, he got up early with a knowing look that telling me ” hey! It’s your devotion time.” After that, he went to the bathroom with me, and just waiting, for us to go down, to start the day. At night, every time I say, it’s bed time, he got up from wherever he laid down; run into the back door to go potty, and ready for bed again. (smile) It amazed me really that dogs, especially Jack have such kind of instinct.

There is no replacement for a human touch, especially from the one you so love that much, however circumstances made it difficult for me. Am thankful to God somehow that through the Natonski’s, I got dog or dogs, which touch my inner self. Dogs are definitely a therapeutic animal. “I don’t need therapy, I have dogs,” read from someone’s poster. Like that, wink!

Dogs are just dog, but can love you sincerely, without reservation, and will protect you, with their own ability. Love them in return though, by taking care of them, like giving them a bath, brushing their teeth, combing their hair and of course giving them foods. Don’t forgery to pat them, likewise.

With my Jack, he is just adorable, and mesmerized by my “beauty”. (He! He! ) He seems doesn’t want to take his eyes away, since the time he decided to set them on me. Jack is an adorable dog that you can do nothing, but love him too. I don’t mind him, tailing me around the house. He is just irresistible to touch, and very playful, relieving my stress and pain, in his own touching way. That’s my dog, that’s Jack, the one whom God provides for me, at least to make me feel okay, in a very special way. Thanks Jack, Thanks God, especially. Smile!

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