Courtship, The Second Time Around

    By: Nila Sullivan

Some said, “love is sweeter in a second time around”. Well, it seems so, but it was not the reason why I accepted Mike again to come in to my life. There are many things that I have to consider, and one is the sign that I had been asked from God. It is the thing I told God just between me and Him, to determine a man whom I could love and live the rest of my life.

As what I’ve mentioned on my first article titled,”How Love Finds Our Way”, Mike was married to another woman. And take note that was so painful and unbearable to me. But why I accepted him?

Just like what I’ve said also that even Mike married with another woman, I could not find myself angry and upset on him. Instead, all my understanding, empathy and love remains for him. Do not ask me why, and I could not explain either. Anyhow, it still not the reason why I accepted him.

About March, Mike filed a divorce to his wife, and at the same time trying to win my heart back. Of course, I never say yes to him right away. That was a hard time for me to think. That was actually a battle between my heart and mind. Should I follow my heart and be willing to be hurt again? Or should I be wise with my decision. Turn down Mike, and live peacefully? Or give him a chance? Never that I come into a rush decision. I should be wise this time, I told myself.

Added to that, I was in an eight years relationship. I don’t need to mention his name. But he knew that I was dedicated and committed to him. We were not just meant for each other anyhow for sure. Thanks for him that he was just understanding. I hope, he will find his true happiness someday, somehow.

Well, Mike sent me gifts and all, but these things still not give me enough reason to accept him yet. However, on the first or second week of April, I finally come into a decision to let Mike come in, and love him again. I got a clear message about the sign that I had asked God to give on me. I was so excited, and right away I have no hesitation to say, I love you, Mike. Maybe, because of that sign, and also the feelings that just hidden after so many years.

And so, we decided to get married after finally the divorce case was approved. Planning to get married was in a rush, but somehow in a perfect moment. Everyone was happy and excited since no one is expecting me to get married that soon. Everyone said, “oh, I never seen you having a date or heard that you have a boyfriend”, and I was just smiling back on them. It was really a great surprise from God.

As you can see on our wedding photos, you will notice a big smile from the people attended our wedding, and of course on me. No one ever imagine, but yeah we were so happy. No doubt. God bless us all. Until the next issue.

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