Why I believe In Signs?

 By: Nila Sullivan

Do you believe in signs? What are your views on them? Do you think it is wrong to ask for a sign from God, as your guide in making a major decision in life? In my own opinion, there is nothing wrong with asking such thing from God, especially when you want to make sure, that whatever you wish to do in your life, has an affirmation from Him. It is a sign that ended  me  marrying  my husband Mike.

In my previous articles, I described how our love story developed. And also I mentioned that it was a certain sign that convinced me to accept Mike, and be married with him. It was not just a sign anyhow, but for me a prayer of mine that God had answered.

What was the sign?

After a great pain that my life been through, I started to feel uncertain to every decision I made, because I almost always failed, specifically about personal or love life. It seems every man that I wish to love, became a great failure to my life. And so, I made a deal with God that whoever man who will give me flowers, any flower will be the man whom I will be married, and be my partner in life. I will never have any hesitation for that man, as long as of course, he should have a quality of being God-fearing, and was saved. That was so simple, and I never set a physical qualification. I never care if he is Filipino or not, as long as he is a true Christian and sends me flowers.

In the case of Mike, obviously, God also laid this idea on his heart to do so. Why do I think it was God who worked for it? Just as I’ve mention in my previous writing, Mike and I have known each other for 10 years. And he never sent me flowers during those days, except that time of my confusion.

When Mike tried to win my heart back, I resisted, and did not accept him right away. It was a dilemma to me, not until the second week of April, when he sent me 18 red roses. Well, I still have a strong feelings for him. However, I was still hesitant after the great pain that he caused me. Yet, with the red roses that I asked from God as a sign, I never have doubt to accept, and be married to him. Besides, he is saved and a God-fearing man.

Conviction on the sign

Maybe you can  hardly believe me, because it was just simply flowers. I was already convinced that it was really the sign that God gave me. Well, I can say yes, it was only simple flowers, but why I was convinced? Anyway, I am 38 years old already, and had been in many passed relationships, but honestly none of them ever thought to give me flowers. I got chocolate, cards, t-shirts and any other forms of gifts, but none sent me flowers. That’s why when I ask God for a sign, I chose flowers. It was only God and I knew about what the sign was. I never told anyone, even those people whom I considered as closed friends, not even Mike. And I keep holding on to that as my basis.

Besides, with all the circumstances during the wedding preparations, certainly everything that followed, lined up with the answer to the sign given to me and my husband. The day during our wedding was perfect, and the steps or procedures, paperwork and everything went exactly as planned. You can see in our wedding pictures, how everyone was happy, and how much I was overwhelmed with the love and happiness, on our special day.

Moreover, it seems to me that God puts everything into good order. You know, around November or December during our bible study at Ate Ning’s House (singer on our wedding), I unexpectedly opened a topic about the doctrinal stand of our church on divorce. I ask Pastor Arman about any divorcee’s that wish to remarry. And it was so favorable in our case. Our church will only conduct a wedding ceremony if the grounds for a previous divorce is adultery. (Matthew 5:31-32)

And guess what? I never expect these things to happen to me, specially when last December 2009, I had decided to forget Mike. You know, I had been thrown all the memories that he had given to me, like the pictures of him and his family, the voice tape he gave me, the tape of our song, and all. It was really unbelievable to me, however God is so great, and His greatness is always beyond our understanding. I just felt sorry that I only able to save his voice tape and the sleeping dress, because others had really been burned. Sorry for that Love. (smile)

Signs are not new to us. Even in the bible, disciples were also asked God about some signs on the end of the age. (Matthew 24) The earth also has signs when it would be raining or not. Thus, asking a sign from God, like what I did also is possible.

If only you were there during our wedding, you would certainly decide that God is so good to us. I could never find a right word of thankfulness for God. He is so great, and so sweet to us. God really loves His people. 

Keep on praying my friends. Asking a sign is never wrong. And besides, who doesn’t love flowers anyway? (smile) God bless you.

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