How Much Your Patience To Acquire Spousal Visa?

    By: Nila Sullivan

Yeah, yeah, yeah, getting married to an American is not easy. There’s a lot of things you will undergo, which one of them is the waiting time for you to be with your husband. The application of your spousal visa is another step to complete your happiness, and have a happy family. If we think about it, it seems unfair, however it serves as another test of time, patience and willingness to wait of both the husband and wife. And it is also the protocol that US Homeland Security has implemented, for security reasons.

Being happy during our wedding is not the end yet. But it was just the beginning, the start of our journey, and to make things possible in the name of Love. We had acquired, with perseverance, the listing of requirements to get married, we succeeded in the preparations, and fought the odds for our love. Now we are facing another challenge, which is to prove to the American Government that definitely, we are truly in love and married to each others.

I understand that, however understanding is not enough to ease the pain and loneliness, because of the distance between us. Its unbearable to think, that while I am here in Philippines, my husband is far away in the US, hoping, longing and dreaming for the day that we will be together again. It seems that sometimes, you wanna bridge the sky or the tear down the imaginary wall between him and me. It is so hard and hurtful.

There are times that you really want to cry harder, and burst all your pain into tears. But all of those are only the outlet to release sadness. You cannot change the facts. However, it made me more excited and looking forward with the grand day that I could meet Mike’s family, especially his pretty daughter and respectful son, his mother and my husband of course. With this event in our live, we become stronger and more dependable on God. We know that everything is in His hands.

For the others who wish or marry an foriegn woman or man; never let your distance affect your love for each other. Love can not be measured according to how near you are to him or her, but it is how much you are willing to endure the emptiness, loneliness and your longing to be with your loved one that will sustain you.

I know its not easy, but somehow it will all work out, and God will work in your behalf for that. For sure there are people who will try to discourage you, but instead of being affected, use is as the stepping stone to get nearer, to the fulfillment of your love. Start right away your spousal application, and just wait for the day that you will be together at last, once again.

Do you know how to start the processing? If you are married, the certificate of marriage is the number one requirement. However it is best if you will call the USCIS office, and ask for important guidelines about how to petition for your partner. Hiring an attorney would also be a great help. It’s okay to ask, because there are lots of requirements. Just remember, Love conquers all.

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