How To Stay Healthy And Happy

  By: Nila Sullivan

“Health is Wealth”, this slogan is commonly heard by everyone, especially with the people who are selling nutritious foods, food supplements, and or those other health advocates. Some are just laughing about it, but it is very true in my personal opinion. Health is certainly wealth because when you are healthy, you’re not sick. Thus, you will not have hospital bills and medication expenses, except when there is accident.

When you are healthy, definitely you can be happy too, because you can have a healthy body, which means you won’t easily tire while play games, sports, and even just spending quality time with your family. When everyone is healthy in the family, unnecessary health problem expenses will be avoided.

Do you know how to stay healthy? There are lots of factors involving the means of being healthy. Most of all is eating the right foods that contain the important elements to make body strong. Nutritionists present it into a pyramid of healthy foods that people must be eaten every meal, everyday. These are the taste and flavor, grow foods, glow foods, go foods, and a lot of water. And on the base of the upright food pyramid is exercise. This is to metabolize all the food elements stored into your body, to avoid the deposit of unnecessary fats, resulted to obesity.

 What are the foods

On the first level of a pyramid is the Taste and Flavor foods. These includes the fats and oil to be served into 6 to 8 teaspoon a day. And sweet should also be 5 to 8 teaspoon, or just 1 teaspoon of sugar and or fat a day.

The size for the Grow foods a day should also be observed. You should just have a match size of meat, 1 medium size of chicken, 1 medium slice of fish and a glass of milk. Grow foods can keep your body perfectly healthy. Examples on these are the seafoods, meat and poultry, dried beans, nuts and eggs.

Glow foods. Glow foods are the kinds that my husband mostly hated. These are the vegetables and fruits. However, these foods play a great role to develop or build our body. The serving must be 1 to 1/2 cup diced fruits, 1/2 cup cooked vegetable and 1 cup raw vegetable.

Another sufficient energy giving food is the Go foods. These includes the rice, bread, root crops, corn and noodles. But these must be serve in a moderate portion. Nutritionists suggested that every serving must be measured such a 1 cup of rice that is loosely packed, 1 to 2 slices of bread, and a cup of oatmeal. Eating more than the allowed amount is not anymore healthy.

Every meal served must include a glass of water and black coffee or a tea. The following components that are represented in the pyramid of foods must be serve in every meal we eat. This could be your guide on how to prepare a healthy meal, not only for yourself, but also for your whole family.

Eating the right of Go foods, Glow foods, Grow foods and exercise are always the best lifestyle that can make you stay healthy, wealthy and of course happy.

However, because every person has different health issues, then it is best that before going into a diet and a work out program, it is advise to see first a health professional for safety and sure healthy body.

I hope this article can somehow help you on how to stay healthy, wealthy and happy. Next time, I will be discussing about some basic exercise. Thanks.

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