How It Would Be Like To Live Luxuriously?

 By: Nila Sullivan

There are many privileges in life that truly some do not experience, especially to most Filipino women, including myself. It can not be denied, because this is a fact of life for most people from developing countries. Most have never had an opportunity to enjoy luxurious living, by like having beautiful houses, or a car, or even a chance to live like a king, queen, prince or princess.

Do you think that makes life unfair? After understanding the purpose of experiencing difficulties, it never seems unfair to me to not experience luxuries in life. For me, it is an opportunity for learning how to appreciate things, and to value every blessing that comes into my life. Yes, life can be very hard, but when you endure all the trials, and beat the odds, the sweetness of success is incomparable. Why would I say so? Because I’ve been there, and I am here now, living the luxurious life. Thanks to our Lord, Jesus.

   I came from a very large family. I grew up with a lack of fancy dresses, no luxuries like television, radio or any of the other conveniences most take for granted. Most families have these and call them necessities, but with me, those things were considered luxuries. They were certainly less important than our daily food and education. My situation made me somehow naive and uninformed about comfortable living. But honestly, I have no regrets at all, because having wonderful parents is exeedingly more than living in luxury.

Moreover, in the many walks of life that I gone through, I have viewed the differences of abundance and scarcity. There is, of course, a huge gap that would cause anyone to feel envy of those who are considered fortunate. They can afford whatever they want, such as beautiful bed to sleep in, fancy bathrooms, and much more.

When I was in Manila, my life there was so hard. I experienced the shame of being humiliated, living in a place where I felt unwelcome, but I still needed to stay, because I felt I had no choice. That was the worst experience that I have ever experienced, and I do not want to go back. I am now too scared to return.  Though a bad experience, somehow I learned.

What would it be like to live luxuriously? I know some people would laugh at such question. But to those who never had luxurious things; there is always a curiosity. Luxurious living is like a paradise in which everything seems possible. It is like a Click. It is so wonderful and comfortable. However, some never appreciate it, because for them, luxury is a necessity and therefore expected. To them, it is a common life style, and they think abundance is necessary to live. Yet, not in my case.

Right now, my life has been changing. Let’s say, from rags to luxury? It seems like a dream, but it is true, because my husband provides them for me. I am so amazed with the feelings, especially when my family and cousins appreciated them too. Some might think that these things are just simple, but for us these are most valued and appreciated. New bathroom with automatic function? Wow! it is really a big thing for us. Before I forget anyway, I am so thankful to our Lord, for giving us a comfortable bathroom through my husband Mike. I am so happy. I love it, and we value it.

I wrote this article as my way of showing gratitude, as well as proving that life is not unfair. When you are in a hard situation, do not regret, but embrace it, because you are learning to recognize that true happiness can come from sadness and bitterness can turn to sweetness. Living in luxury can be more appreciated when you have been living your whole life in poverty. You can enjoy, live, and be most thankful with the comfort or convenience.

How it would be like to live luxuriously? Well, it is amazingly wonderful.

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