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  By: Nila Sullivan

It’s been a while that I haven’t write anything, though I wish to do it, but it seems my mind is so empty with words or ideas. I can’t find any fragment in my mind, except just wanting to look my husband sleeping in his couch, and at the same time watching on line movies or playing on line game. Yeah, somewhat an empty activities however help me a lot to forget the loneliness of being away from him.

Its been a long time that we are away from each other. The impact of loneliness is great, and the longing to be with his arms is unbearable. It is true that its not only me who is experiencing such sacrifice on waiting the decision of the embassy, to let me enter the US and be with Mike. But even though, the pain is there, somehow it can’t alter the fact. So be it.

Anyhow, let me share with you my day to day learning about us, despite the distance that physically separates me and Mike. Maybe, I cannot literally touch Mike but being with each other everyday through Skype video call; it is likely that we are living in the same roof. I can see him eating his foods, talking to his son Marcus or daughter Patricia and even his son in-law and grandkids. I can even watch him cooking, and well, sometimes bringing me to the bathroom. Sssshhhh! The help of technologies to strengthen our love is great. It is amazing, and can indeed bridge a gap in so many ways.

Sometimes, we also have arguments or disagreement. And that is the hardest part to us because, when he is already controlled with his temper, he just shot off the call, and me is so mad because even I wish to be heard, yet he doesn’t want anymore; my wish surely not be fulfilled. Anyhow, we both know that we still learning each other thus, we should be considerate most of the time. Well, in fairness to my husband I admit that some arguments are coming from me. That’s why his favorite line is, “nag,nag, nag.”

He is in the US and me here in the Philippines. However, the 15,000 miles do not prevent us to search and learn our huge differences such as our way of thinking, living, foods and personality. Maybe, there are few things that we have in common, even sometimes talking or expressing the same thought at a time. Yet, we still are different. And that’s how become amazing because at the bottom line, we still very much in love to each other. Sandy Patty’s song is right and true. Love in any language.

Our day to day life together in the horizon is getting exciting, and of course help to lessen our loneliness. We inspire each other every time our minds become cloudy because of being narrow minded. We prayed together or share the words of God as if eating one bread. There are lots of other things that we able to do together on line. I am definitely now convince that love can’t certainly be measured by distance.

Some people may raise their eye brows, but being on line the whole day with my husband is my happiness. My day become fulfilled and satisfying. I never felt bored nor tired, but happy every time I see him smiling and flying a kiss for me. How great that would be when the on line kisses and hugs become real to the day that we will be together. My husband didn’t know, neither I know when that day would be. But one thing that I would sure off is that God will fulfill his plan for us. He is working for us.

We are praying for that day. And I hope our family, friends and relatives will pray for us too. That someday we can be reunited very soon. My heart is leaping with the idea of being with my husband. What a day that would be. God bless you.

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